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Final Dissertation

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Each student is obliged to submit a final dissertation that has to be related to the real  problems of production and services.


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The Course Section announces, well on time, which subjects are proposed for the final dissertation.

Where necessary, the T.E.I provides the premises, equipment  and financial support. The final dissertation may be realized also outside the T.E.I at places like organization institutes, private enterprises etc. in accordance with the decision of the Council of the Department.

A joined theme may be assigned to a team of up to three students while, at the same time a distribution of tasks is assigned to each student separate.

The preparation of the dissertation is possible not to be completed by the end of the last studying semester. It depends upon the demands of the subject.

After the completion of the final dissertation and after approval of the supervising  tutor , the dissertation is submitted through protocol to the Secretary of the Department. The Council of the Department sets a date for the presentation of the dissertation for a Committee of three members from the educational staff of the Department with a related specialty. The Committee is chaired by one of its members.

In case the dissertation is rated as insufficient, the student has to start the whole procedure from the beginning.