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1st Semester

Magnitudes and Equations, Mechanics of material point and Solid body, Oscillations, Waves, Wave properties of light, Quanta and Relativity (quantum properties of light, duality, wave, particle), Elements of Atomic Physics (Atomic structure, Pattern of energy bands, Fluorescence, Phosphorencence, Laser, X-Rays, Hyperconductivity), Nuclear Physics, (Interaction between nuclear radiation and materials, Dosimetry), Thermodynamics, Heat propagation

Electron Physics
Basic introductory ideas on semiconductor Physics, Diodes, Bipolar Transistors, JFET, MOSFET, Optoelectronic elements.


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Mathematics I Different and integral calculus for one variable, Real and imaginary numbers, Linear Algebra, Vector Algebra, Analytic Geometry, Use of corresponding mathematical software packages.

Computer Programming Introduction to structured programming, jump instructions, repeats, instructions, tables, complex data structures, libraries, computer graphics, file management, algorithmic analysis.

English I Scientific- Technical terminology in the fields of Electronics and its Applications (Amplifiers - Computer programming - Mathematics - Electronics).

Electronic Components and Drawing Metals used in electronic components, Recognition, Codes and Performance inspection, Electronic Drawing, Printed electronic circuits.

2nd Semester

Digital Electronics Arithmetic systems, Codes, Boolean Algebra, Logical Gates, Minimization of logic functions, Combination Circuits, FLIP - FLOPS, Counters and Registers, Synchronous Sequential Circuits, Algorithmic state machines, Non- synchronous sequential circuits, Families of integrated logic circuits. Combination circuits with MSI and PLD. Algorithms and Circuits for arithmetic operations, Interfaces, Simple error Detection and correction codes, Semiconductor memory structures, Programming logic control elements.

Low Frequency Electronics Two port devices, Amplifiers using discrete component or integrated circuits (DC-AC response), Rectification and Power supplies, applications by using circuit simulation software.

Linear Transformations - Systems Introduction of continuous time Signals and Systems, signals, Discrete time signals, Basic differences of continuous time signals, Continuous time Systems - Models , Description and Analysis of Continuous time systems in the time domain, Description and Analysis of continuous time systems in the frequency domain, Analysis of continuous time systems using Laplace transform, Discrete time systems - basic differences between continuous time systems and discrete time systems. Description and Analysis of discrete time systems in time domain, Description and Analysis of discrete time systems in frequency domain. Analysis of discrete time systems by using Z transform.

Electrical Engineering - Electric Circuits Quick review of mathematical tools, Electrical engineering fundamental laws - Electric circuits analysis and computation - Electrical engineering computation - Transmission lines loss - Electroheat - Magnetic circuits , magnetic materials - Electromagnetic devices and systems, Telecommunications technology applications, Informatics applications, Introduction to analog and digital instrumentation. Exercises on measurement circuits, Use of contemporary software ( Matlab, Matcad )for the graphic display of measurement results and problem solutions.

English II Scientific - Technical terminology in the fields of Electronics and its Applications (Computers - Telecommunications - Digital Electronics)

3rd Semester

Mathematics II Multivariable differential and integral calculus. Simple first order Differential equations, second order linear differential equations and higher order with constant coefficients. Vector analysis elements - FOURIER series.

High Frequency Electronics LC Filters, Imaginery frequencies, Pole-zero diagrams, Equalizers, Attenuators, deciBell scales. High frequency amplifiers with discrete components and integrated circuits feedback, stability, and noise in amplifier circuits. Applications with computer software in circuit analysis.

Computer Architecture Computing systems structure and organization. Basic architectural features of complex and single set statements computers, Mathematic logical unit, Basic parallel architectures, Control device, Memory system, Input/Output system.

Digital Signal Processing Introduction to discrete time signals and systems, Sampling, Analog Filters, FIR and IIR Digital Filters, Discrete Fourier Transform, finite length effect in signal processing, multirate digital systems, iscrete time random processes, Power spectrum estimation.

Probabilities - Statistics Combination elements - Probability elements - Statistic elements (Basic probable theoritical concepts, Distributions, Random variable asic characteristics) - Statistic elements.

English III Scientific - Technical terminology in the fields of Electronics and its applications (Computers - TV - Video - Telecommunications ).

4th Semester

Analog Electronic Systems Oscillators, Multivibrators, Functional Generators, PLL, Multiplicators, Transformation Circuits and Processing Signal Circuits , Applications by computing software on circuit analysis.

Microprocessors - Microcontrollers Historical - Technological development of microprocessors, 8, 16 and 32 bit Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, Digital Signal Processors.

CAD & Constructions Computer Aided Design of electronic circuits, Design Strategies, omputer Aided Construction of circuits, Electronic Circuit Production.

Electronic Measurements Electronic elements of electronic measurements, Voltage Measurement , Current Measurement , Resistance Measurement, ridge DC and AC Registers, Flux Measurements , Pressure Measurements, Temperature Measurements , Level Measurement, oppler Methods of Measurements , Optical Measurements, Laser isplays, Alarms, Sensors , Measurement Systems , Measurement tatistics, Signal Processing and Measurements. Use of Computers nd Microprocessors in Application and Design of Measurement Systems , SCADA Buses, Interconnections, Interfaces, Communication measuring system architecture. Calibrations-Calibrators, Measuring System Maintenance, Error Detection Economic magnitudes.

Microelectronics - VLSI Short References to the Techniques of semiconductor development and definition. Ion Solution and Implatation - Microlithography - Introduction to the CMOS Design - MOS Transistor Characteristics - Complementary CMOS Inverter - The fabrication steps of CMOS Construction- Chip characterization - Simple Logical Gates Physical Design - CMOS Logical Structures - Strategic Time Planning - VLSI Analog Design.

Electromagnetism Electric magnitudes, Electric Field , Magnetic Field, Electromagnetic Oscillations, Electromagnetic waves, Maxwell quations, Wave Form , Solution of Equations a. for bipole and b. for homogeneous media.

5th Semester

Telecommunications Introduction, Telecommunication systems , Data Transfer (analog - digital) in the basic zone , Analog Data Transfer by Amplitude odulation, Frequency Modulation, Phase Modulation, Digital ata transfer by ASK , PSK, FSK Modulation, Frequency Division Multiplex. Mathematical Description as well as Analysis nd Construction of Realization Circuits.

Automatic Control Systems I Open and Closed Loop Systems, Natural systems, Equivalent, Feedback, Laplace Transforms, Bode Diagrams , Nyquisit, Reverse Nyquisit, Nichols, Mathematical Model Response, Structure Diagrams, System Simplification, Multivariable Systems, Applications, Examples. Information Theory - Codes Introductory Concepts, Basic Concepts of the Probability Theory and Information Theory, Basic Principles of the Decision Making Theory, Basic Principles of the Information Discrete alphabets Theory, Natural Telecommunication Channels, Channel Coding, Block Coding, Trellis Codes.

Computer Networks Introduction to Computer Networks, WAN Networks, LAN Ntworks, Internet, Intranet, Computer Communication Protocols, nternet Tools, www sites.

Elements of Engineering Law - Engineering Studies Legislation that regulates the field of electronic applications (Communication, Computers, Automation) on national, European and International levels. The writing up of technical Reports, The writing of specifications, The costing of technical Projects.

6th Semester

Specification subjects in Industrial Electronics

Power Electronics Electronic Power Elements, DIAC, Thyristors, TRIACS, ower Transistors, Power MOSFET, Operation Principles, Ohmic loads, Active loads, Inductive loads, Voltage – Current - Power Control, Refrigeration, Ignition, Extinction, Switches, Power, Magnetic Circuits, Magnetic Amplifiers, Single Phase Load Control / Generator Control, Applications. 
Automatic Control Systems II Controllers, PID Controller, Controller Architecture, Control Types, Automation SCADA, PLC, Non linear Automatic Control Systems, Multivariable Control, and Industrial Electronics Automatic Control Systems, Applications, Elements of Pneumatic Automatic Control Systems.


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Electric Motors Principles, Transformers, DC Motors, AC Motors, Single Phase / Triple Phase Motors, Step Motors, Stable Magnet DC Motors, Synchronised / Asynchronised Motors, Inductive Motors, Special Motors , Step servo Motors, Motor Parameter Control of Motors.

Industrial Measurement Sensors Data Retrieval, Flux Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Level Sensors, Shift Sensors, Motion Sensors, Speed Sensors, Acceleration Sensors, Force Sensors, Momentum Sensors, Acoustic Sensors, Humidity Sensors, Optical Sensors Radiation Sensors, Electromagnetic Sensors, Chemical Sensors, Sensors, Technology of Sensors, Industrial Applications, Telecommunication Channels, Interconnection Sensors, Electronic Interconnection Sensors, Intelligent Sensors.

Robotics Armtypes, Kinetics, Statics, Dynamic, Moments, Robot Technology, Robot Motors, Arm Sensors, Touch Sensors, Vision -Robot Vision Levels, Moment - Force Sensors, Grippers, Hands, Robot Programming Languages, Arm Automatic Control, Intelligence, Applications.

Specification subjects in Telecommunication Electronics

Digital Communications Digital Telecommunication System Description, Basic and Wide Band Digital Modulation Methods, Best Receiver Drawing, Symbol Interference and Neutralization, Precoding, Error Neutralization Coding, Band Width Demands, Signal Circuit Elevation, Channel Capacitance, Signal Reliability, Basic and Wide Band Digital Modulation, Memory Methods, Digital Channel Equalization, Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) Systems, DPCM, DM, Analog Carrier Modulation Techniques with Digital Signal.
Microwaves Signals and Systems, Introduction, Microwave Optical Properties, Wave Ducts, Electromagnetic Resonators - Microwave Components, Microwave Printed Circuits, Microwave Sensors, Microwave Generators, Solid Microwave Elements, Microwave Integrated Circuits, Microwave Amplifiers, Microwave Diodes, Microwave Technology and Applications.

Transmission Lines Introduction - Pulse Transmission - SMITH Chart - Various types of Transmission Lines -Transmission Lines Structure (Adaptores, Filters etc.) - Measurements - Equation Programs.

Acoustic Signal Processing Elements of Acoustic theory, Acoustic Field, Magnitudes and Definitions, The Phenomenon of Hearing, Acoustic Curves, Acoustic Signal Analysis, Music Instruments, deciBel scales, Space Acoustics, Sound Insulation Problems, Sound Recording, Sound Reproduction, Microphones - Loudspeakers - Speakers. Sound Installation Studies, Introduction to the contemporary Audio Signal Processing, Methods and Protocols of Digital Recording and Sound Reproduction, Digital Processing of Acoustic Signals in time and frequency domain, Digital Acoustic Model Study, Laboratory Measurements in the Acoustic field, Laboratory Measurements Equation by software packages.

Optical Communications Introduction, Historical review, Optoelectronic Magnitudes and Units, Optical Fibres, Light Transmitters, Light Receivers, Noise in Optical Communications, S/N, Digital Signal Regeneration, Concordant Systems, Non Waveguided Optical Communication Systems, Communication Systems with Optical Fibre Coupling, Optical Telecommunication Networks, Advantages and Disadvantages, Optical Coupling Analysis and Drawing.

7th Semester

Specification subjects of Industrial Electronics
Industrial Control Applications Applications, Furnaces, Distillation Columne, Steam Production, Power Systems, Electric Power Distribution Systems, Wastes Processing, Water Distribution, Natural Gas etc. Vehicle Automatic Control Systems, Production Line Control, CIM, CAD/CAM, CNC, Automatic Control Systems and Kryogenics, Special Applications.

Digital Control Systems - PLCs Digital Control Systems, use of software CODAS, MATLAB, Mathematica, MathCAD for the solution of Automatic Control System through Computer, Applications, PLCs Units Structure, PLCs Types, Architecture, Hardware, PLCs Input-Output Wiring, on-off Sensors, on-off Control elements, Address Determination,Memory, Circular Processing, Switches, Counters, Chtonometres, Triggers, Stimulations, Data Transfer, Comparison, Analog Signals, Arithmetic Operations, Electric Automations with Relay, Pneumatic - Hydraulic Automations, Programming Language Symbolics, STL. Ladder, Programmers, Programming Language Interrelation, Applications, Errors and Damages, PLCs Networks.

Analytic Instruments Ph Measurements, Conductivity Measurements, Oxygen Measurements etc., Gaseous/liquid (fluid) Chronograph , Mas Phasmatograph, Electrochemical Sensors, Electrometric Methods,Thermical Methods , Ionization Analyzers, Phasmaphotometry, Magnetic Coordination, Special Methods, Exhaustgases Measurements, Water Quality Control, Sensors.

Medical Electronics Biomedical Signal Abduction, Medical Electronics, Diagnostic / Therapeutic / Laboratory Devices , Radiological, Supersonic, acteriological Devices, Respirators, Intensive Care Unit, naesthetic Devices, Prosthetics, Support of human with special needs, Use of Computers in Medicine and Hospitals, Display Methods, Tomography, Applications

Interfaces - Microcontrollers - Cards DigitalComputers-Digital ComputerInterfaces, Microprocessors, RS232, IEEE488, RS428, etc., IBM PCs Cards, Industrial Bus, Interfaces Realization, Microcontrollers, Error Detection Techniques, ogic Analyzers, Equations - Equators, Signature Analysis, Error Control by Computers, Error Analyzers, Communication, Applications.

Working Environment Organization Principles, Management Principles, Accounting Principles, Marketing Principles, Analysis of Organizing - Managing - Financial and Technical Problems in Enterprises.

Power Electronics II Advanced Power Electronics, Three Phase Motor Driving, Three Phase Inverters, Inverter Modification, Three Phase Converters, Converter Modification, Frequency Converters, Switch Planning Suppliers, Magnetic Circuits, Electric Heat, Self constructions, Applications.

Specification subjects of Telecommunication Electronics

Telecommunication Systems Contemporary Telecommunication Network, General Principles of Contemporary Telecommunications, PCM Technique, Signaling,Standard OSI, Network Topology , Public Transfer Networks, Signaling Systems, ISDN, Intelligent Networks, Subscriber Network, pecialized Networks, Hellaspac, Hellascom, Mobile Telecommunication Systems, Contemporary Digital Scale (Hierarchy), Digital Radio Links, Satellite Communication, ATM, Digital Interface Systems, Wide Band Networks, Telecommunication Management Systems.
Contemporary Telecommunication Network, General Principles of Contemporary Telecommunications, PCM Technique, Signaling,Standard OSI, Network Topology , Public Transfer Networks, Signaling Systems, ISDN, Intelligent Networks, Subscriber Network, pecialized Networks, Hellaspac, Hellascom, Mobile Telecommunication Systems, Contemporary Digital Scale (Hierarchy), Digital Radio Links, Satellite Communication, ATM, Digital Interface Systems, Wide Band Networks, Telecommunication Management Systems.
Television Systems Transmission Lines, Signal Level, Frequency Bands and Areas, Television Channel Capacitance, Noise Modulations - Demodulation, Radio-Television Standards, Radio: Transmission, Reception Problems, Television: Transmission, Reception Problems, Television and Radio special subjects, Wide Band Telecommunication Systems, Transmission Lines, Antennas, Televised Signal Distribution, Measurement and Control Devices, Software Applications for Signal Analysis, Digital Television information about the current situation,Standards and Perspectives, Satellite Communication, Radio and Television Studios, Turnover, Speculations, Measurements of the Analog and Digital Part of Television Receiver, Digital Analyzer Signal Analysis, Use of Computer Software for the Equation of Laboratory Exercises, Use of Computer Software Signal Processing for Signal Analysis and Synthesis.

Radar - Radionavigation Introduction and Historical review, Radar Signal, Detection of Signals in the presence of Noise, Radar Equation , Radar Pulse, CW Radar with FM, Equipment for Detection and Tracking of Moving Targets,Pulse Compression Techniques, Digital Radar Control, Secondary Radar SSR, Aircraft Navigation Systems( DVOR, ILS), Radio Navigational Systems LORAN - C, DECCA - OMEGA, Satellite Radionavigation (NNSS/TRANSIT and NAYSAT /GPS), Electronic War.

Antennas Introduction, Elementary Antennas (monopole, dipole, loops, microstripe, horn antennas), Complex Antenna, (antenna arrays, yagi, logarithmic, reflector antennas etc.), Antenna Measurements, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Simulation Programs.

Wave Propagation Introduction, Electromagnetic Wave Properties (Reflection, Deflection, Polarization, Magnetic Field Effect etc), Ground waves (effect of earth curvature, frequency, ground conductivity, calculations). Troposphere Propagation (deflection index, attenuation, scattering, point-to-point and mobile links, calculations). Ionosphere propagation (complex deflection index, phase velocity, group velocity, total reflection, calculations).

Business Management and Administration Principles of Management and Administration, Accounting Principles, Marketing Principles, Analysis of Management - Technical-Financial Problems.

8th Semester


Final Dissertation that has to be related to the real problems of analysis, studying, planning and materialization of appliances and systems that have to do with electronics and services.
Practical Training

Familiarization of the students with work, employment, production, service supply , how to deal with problems.