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  • Students become T.E.I. students by enrolment, transfer or by grading test according to the regulations in force.
  • Registrations of new students are held  in each Department  within  the time limits and  by submitting the supporting documents defined by the Minister of  Education.
  • For those who transfer from other T.E.I. or have graduated from other educational institutes, the Department must issue a relevant decision.
  • The Council of the Department may decide to allow the enrollment after deadline, in special cases and after the students application, otherwise the student loses his right to enroll.
  • For reasons of great importance, the registration of a student who was late and could not register in the apointed time, is possible after a petition of the student.
  • Students of the T.E.I.  are not allowed to enroll in any other Higher  Educational Institute at the same time.
  • Students are obliged to renew their registration every semester. Renewal of enrollment is done at least  one week before the Course Units of the semester start by completion of a specific document, which can be obtained from the secretariat of the Department.
  • Students, who did not renew their enrolment for two continuous semesters ,lose their rights to continue studying at the T.E.I.
  • The records of the Department's students are in the Department's Secretariat